Neurodiversity is Healthy, Productive, and Innovative... and a Competitive Advantage

A great video (link above) offering refreshing insights for autistics and for employers

how it can contribute to theworkplace when the thoughts of Neurodiverse people tapped into and unlock the refreshing ideas and insights from their brains.

 MICROSOFT, a giant company, have:
- sought out autistic employees,
- changed the interview process, 
- gives them more time show their abilities 
- hires substance overfit (as in from the term job fit or how companies hire based on 'fit')

Microsoft is reinventing the wheel! They are changing/transforming the way the system operates (pun intended!😆🤭)

Key takeaway: NEURODIVERSITY can be 
a) healthy,
b) productive,
c) innovative and 
is a COMPETIVE ADVANTAGE for employers 

The speaker ends of by saying whether it is ASD, ADHD or whatever don't undervalue it, because without you, we are all less diverse and less successful


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