Cause for Inclusion must include Mental Health

I agree with many views in this article.

The ill treatments we get from society causes more/additional damage than the disability itself.

Many who go through a lot of bullying and victimisation end up in emotional trauma, depression, and even seeing the world through tainted lenses, seeing the world as evil, and being suspicious of everyone including the genuinely kind people.

It can be to a point the language of kindness becomes a foreign language to those who have been victimised for too long.

This article shows us how important and urgent it is to stop the bullying trend in schools and to pay attention to mental health issues. It is time for Mental Health to be included in the syllabus starting from Primary school.

Mental health can even affect one's lifespan.

This article also cites real life examples of ill treatments of school teachers which cause the author a lot of trauma.

School teachers play a big role and can make or break a student. It is imperative to train teachers how to support such students and to find teachers who have the genuine heart for such students 

Schools must also impart good values to students to enable them to care for their disabled classmates and less privileged classmates, and to get them to practise it in day to day school life. As one of my autistic friends said, values are caught, not taught.

Purple Parade is introducing the 5th C: CONVERSATIONS, for the very first time this year. I hope those of us involved in this will have a chance, in the course of the conversation, to touch on mental health.


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