Creating Support I once didn't have, with Beneficiaries whom have Positive Attitude

I had a chat with two fellow ASD guys who started serving National Service (NS) only recently. I am heartened to hear that the Pes E Basic Military Training (BMT) programme has gone through major improvements since my time. The programme is a lot more robust now. Vocational training more in depth too.

These guys have such a positive attitude toward NS, and that really encourages me!

I did not have such community peer support during my time as I had no ASD community back then. That made life very tough for me.

But I am glad today I can be part of the efforts to create that support for those who come after me. And with another ASD NSMEN on board, and with the first two ASD  NSFs guys (i.e. currently serving NS), who tap into this support, possessing such positive attitude... I believe this spells hope for us to be potentially be able to light the way ahead for others who come after us.

There is hope. And if we can successfully create such a support system in future, then I would say all the hard times I went through during my time was worth it - for it was because of having walked that tough road that I can do all these today


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