I am exhausted because I run out of spoons

Spoon Theory is commonly mentioned in chronic illness, disability, and autism circles.


I feel that this spoon theory is a good analogy to help others understand why autisitcs (and those with other disabilities) get tired more easily than others, and end up in a grouchy mode on some days, and end up drawing others' energy instead. Spoon deficit!

If I can break it down what was explained in the article:
1) daily activities use up more spoons for us than for non-disabled people
2) some things use up our spoons which otherwise doesn't for non-disabled people

A parallel analogy could be a cup. If your cup is overflowing, others can draw water from you and you still have enough for yourself. If your cup is empty, you will be drawing water (energy) from others and draining their cup of water (draining their energy)


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