The Rest We Need

This article delves deeper into the various kinds of rest deficits, and helps us check which one we might be missing.

In my opinion...

Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

I suspect many autistics will find themselves needing Social Rest, Emotional Rest and Sensory Rest

Social Rest
- socialising is stressful for many of us. Navigating a Neurotypical world can be stressful. For some, attending social gatherings (including family gatherings, such as at festive occasions) can be socially exhausting.

Many then find the need to take a break from all that by having time to themselves, or being with a friend or family who is close enough whom they can confide in


Emotional Rest
- tiredness from stresses of each day [think: Spoon theory]
- other kinds of emotional stress like emotional triggers, rejection etc.
- it helps to have family or friends whom we trust whom we can share our lives and confide in. Friends/Family who are good listeners... and not those who thrown (unsolicited) advice down on you even before you finish half a sentence


Sensory Rest
- from sensory overload
- from looking at the screen too much (some autistics can be very glued to their device playing phones...)

It is hard for us to find the rest we need given our hectic lifestyles, life responsibilities, life passions and the like, and the challenges of life...

Yet we have to try fod our own sake, and for advocates... for the sake of our community and cause, as we need the energy to continue in those things

When we have little energy left
We need to find the right kind of rest
For one life is all we have
Try not to make a mess
Let's instead live it to the best


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