Happiness is Working For a Cause You Believe in with the People you Loved

I spent my whole Saturday today "working" for a good cause. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my Saturday in any other way. Working for a cause I personally believe in, for and with a community I belong to.

In the morning, I met with an autistic person from Australia, together with my Singaporean adult autistic friends. How awesome, enriching and enlightening to hear from a person who is an autistic, a mum of autistic children, and a teacher. Plus from Australia, a leading country in autism and inclusion matters! Such a rare gem.

In the afternoon, I was involved in a meeting with the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) (ARC(S)) to brainstorm some ideas for next year, together with other ARC clients and staff.

In the evening, I met with my team of organisers (all autistics) for a year-end community gathering we are organising for autistics and their family members.

All back to back, with not much break in between except meals and commuting.  But I had the drive, passion and joy to keep going.

I have been with the autism community for two years and it is such a privilege to be involved in all these progress together with like-minded people.

(One of) the secrets to Happiness is doing things for a Cause you Believe i (and Enjoy doing,  and have a Stakein) with the People you Love.

Some of these experiences gives me renewed hope for my community and/or spurs me on to keep on doing the good work we are doing. Giving each other hope, is like lighting another candle, and that is the best way a candle can provide light. And collectively, may we shine as a light to others who come after us and who journey with us. Light the path ahead for the people with-IN, and the people with-OUT.


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