Neurodiversity, Neuroharmony and the benefits they bring to the human race

Materials manufactured from a factory go through standard Quality checks (QCs) to discriminate between the good quality ones and the bad, the "pass" and "fail" ones.

But humans are not factory produced homogeneous products. Humans are more DIVERSE than we imagine.
Yet we are all put through similar tests to discriminate between the "pass" and "fail", the "normal" and the "inferior", where "normal" parameters are set by what is the majority, the average, and the rest are somehow deemed inferior.

In the context of the Neurodivergent (including but not limited to autistics, ADHD, Dsylexia, and those labelled to have Learning Disabilities), we are, by the "standards of normal" (whatever that may be), deemed inferior to others, just because we behave differently, think differently, socialise differently (or have trouble socialising or don't socialise). Those who lack academic ability are marked down and not given a chance to develop their potential in a different way.

Isn't this sad, that we measure everyone against a certain "standardised standard", which stifles creativity, diversity, and the richness of beauty that overflows from it?. Moreover, these kids are made to believe they are "stupid", like how a fish would forever believe it is stupid if it is forever judged by its ability to climb a tree. Their belief of their "stupidity" then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is devastating! But we can change it, if we work together to change systems, challenge norms, reinvent the wheel, revamp systems.

The Divergent people can see things differently, through different lens/perspective, and think out of the box, offering us refreshing perspectives. They can excel if given a chance to thrive in their niche area, instead of being forced to conform/meet the "normal" standards, to conform to the majority (by the way, this can result in mental health issues). Like measuring an octopus vs a cat in their ability to fix puzzle under water... the cat fails. But the cat might well be able to fix the puzzle on dry land

It is time for people, for society, for humanity to re-think this and reinvent the wheel. Have systems that develop people's differing talent in customised way, giving avenues to develop creativity instead of forcing conformity.

The Neurodivergent population gives us much cause to celebrate. It should never be anyone's goal to make us (Neurodivergent) carbon copies of the most socially adept and the most "typical" among us - that is, the majority. Our goal should be to help us thrive in environments we can (like the fish, octopus and cat analogies explained earlier). To unlock the hidden beauty and its richness from within. To enable us discover our hidden talents and the value of our self-worth. To treasure us for who we are, and the value we bring to this world, no matter how unconventional our behaviours and thinking are. HUMANITY loses much, and the Neurodivergent loses much MORE, if our goal was anything more, or anything less

Let's stop making kids/students products of factory produced homogeneous material and teachers & parents to be the production workers, QC officers or machine operators.

It is time to re-define normal and challenge society self-imposed norms and standards

Life is more beautiful and enriching when we are instead customised, innovative, creative etc. Just like how a music has different notes to play a song or a beautiful orchestra.

The best way to unleash and unlock all of that, and to tap into the all kinds of different minds, abilities and perspective which can all come together like a grand orchestra... is to CELEBRATE, EMBRACE, ENHANCE, and Optimise on every unique mind, both the Neurodivergent and the Neurotypical, to create a world full of NEURODIVERSITY and NEUROHARMONY... for that is the spice of life! Savour it!


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