Progress in Purple Parade, and my Poem in Tribute

Purple Parade 2019 is specially significant because of some improvements/enhancements made to the event, to live out the spirit of the event and to listen to the voices of the persons with disabilities. I wrote this Poem in Tribute to Purple Parade 2019

Purple Parade 2019 Progression, Perspectives and Purpose
By: Wesley Loh

Purple Parade (PP) ,for many people with special needs (PWSNs), is a special Occasion
We approach it each year, and playing our part, with Enthusiasm
Right from even before the actual day, during periods of campaign Activation
A special segment added this year (2019), called Conversations 
Serving nice Refreshments
More importantly, hearing the voices of us PWSNs who serve as Inclusion Ambassadors, sharing our life stories with Passion
And the PWSN Panellists who impart words of Wisdom
Creating a platform for many to Learn
Hopefully the things Ambassadors and Panellists shared gave some Revelation

Then to the Carnival we all proceeded to join the Congregation 
Volunteering at our respective Station
From retail to games to food Ration
And some lining up at the Contingent Formation

This year's PP is a good milestone of Progression
From the inaugural Conversation
To the clear signage over all Suntec to lead people in the right Direction 
To get to the desired Location 
To the calm room for overloaded PWSNs to take a break before to the event they Return 

The spirit of PP must continue to live in our hearts with Exaltation
The challenges we face as PWSNs can sometimes be a constant Frustration 
Facing Discrimination 
For some, even in living in Isolation 
For various reasons, such as others finding us an Irritation 
For long this has a Predicament 
And a great Concern
But it is not beyond Salvation 
There is yet hope, if we continue to work in Collaboration 
Breaking down walls of Ableism 
Together with a common Mission
Laying together a solid Foundation 
To build a culture of inclusion in this Nation 
Which we PWSNs (and other stakeholders) so eagerly Yearn
We must press on, no matter how much the Perspiration
Keeping alive the flame in our hearts to continue, with passion, to Burn
For inclusion is a journey not a Destination 
Let's keep alive, and hold fast to, a shared Vision
Of building a future of true Inclusion 


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