Pursuit of Normality = sacrifice of potential

Isaac Newton discovered gravity started by first questioning why the apple keeps dropping/falling when he lets go of it. Why can't it go left or right? People ignored it. I can imagine some may have ridiculed it. Today gravity is a law of physics, and it is studied in school syllabus worldwide in subject of physics.

He was accused of being insane when he said men could go to the moon if we overcome the gravity of earth. How many astronauts have gone to the moon to date?

While we don't wish to spend time speculating whether Isaac Newton is autistic or not, one thing for sure - he thought of things many people did not think of, he observed things others pass off as insignificant (apple dropping).

This goes to show we need people with different kind of brains wired differently, who see things differently, who think out of the box etc. One of the categories of people who can do this are the Neurodivergent population.

It is a pity that these people get labelled all kinds of things, even right from school days, such as:
▪︎"stupid" for failing exams, or for staring at something for hours on end which most students don't
▪︎"naughty" for behaving out of the ordinary 

It is time to see us Neurodivergent folks in a different light. Extract the extraordinary and the beauty from the abstract, from the unconventional. Unlock potentials.

That kid staring at something for hours, or reading books while everyone is playing etc., might just discover something new for the human race if he is given time and space to figure something out and continue doing/observing that which fascinates him. It is sad when we instead have an education system and an environment of people who label that kid as "stupid", "weird" or whatever.

We must change this. These people could be our future, could be the key that unlock new possibilities for the human race.

So I leave all my readers with two quotes to ponder:

The pursuit of Normality is the Ultimate SACRIFICE of POTENTIAL 

Everyone has something to offer the world / the human race, NO MATTER through whc8h spectrum / lens they see the world through.

And to my autistic readers, remember we all can and deserve to be valued. Our self worth is not measured by these labels people give us. Love you guys, my tribe!


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