Autism Acceptance Month - a Poem in remembrance of this special occasion

Autism Acceptance 2020 Poem

This month we celebrate Autism Acceptance
This annual occasion never turns into one of obsolescence
But is one we await with renewed expectance
What does this really mean in essence
Awareness is already omnipresent
What we need so dearly is acceptance
Kindness, love and affection

All too often we autistics find others keeping a distance
Or denying us into that their social circle an admittance
Because they don’t understand our difference
Must our interaction with the world be met with so much resistance
Causing this to accumulate within us a sense of sadness and resentment?

Everyone has differing personalities and needs, we are no exception
Exercise some patience, compassion and forbearance
That we may reciprocate likewise, instead of in vengeance
Pardon a bit of awkwardness when into social events we make an entrance
Like a party or a wedding reception
We are sincere in showing our support through our attendance
Sometimes with our behaviours and navigation all we need is a little bit of assistance
Such as when our random statements are met with awkward silence
Know that we have NO ill intentions

Get to know us deep inside, for to celebrate diversity we need neurodivergence
Perhaps you may be amazed at our brightness, humour and enchantment
And learn many precious life lessons
Through experiences with is filled with transcendence

To my readers, if this pricks your conscience
May it lead you to repentance
Then from from today on your mindset and treatment toward us may be different

The autistic population gives much cause for celebration
I believe with commitment and passion
We can form strategic collaboration
Working together to empower autistics to live our dreams and ambition
And in the process move from Dependence to Independence
And subsequently to Interdependence
Contributing to the world through developing our unique talent
Here is a call to all autistics, caregivers and allies to join arms in our shared vision
Together we can co-create ripple effects, impacting many thousands

May this inspire you to dress in red to celebrate Autistics’ very existence
And in support/campaign of autism acceptance
May this occasion be in our remembrance
Remember that no matter what happens
We must never lose hope, and constantly seek to regain balance
For TOGETHER we can make a Difference

Composed by: A Singaporean Autistic Advocate


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