Riding through COVID-19 with Hope

Riding through COVID-19 with Hope

Written by Wesley Loh, Autistic Advocate
NOT to be reproduced without written permission of the author

We are facing a global pandemic called COVID-19
The worst crisis in decades we have seen
Or at least, so nations worldwide deem
Daily sharp increases of cases, while we continue mourning in our wait for a vaccine

Many shops close down, from retail to non-essential services to office & school canteen
The silence in the malls and street, what an unusual scene 

Everyone is barred from meeting physically, we wonder how our family and friends have been
As we work and study from home, staring at the screen
What a major disruption to our routine

We must stand united and cooperate if we want to emerge from this crisis strong and supreme 
Stay at home and keep your home clean
Be considerate to others, don’t behave like you are the Queen
Work or study hard, but take breaks in between,
for you are human, not a machine
Keep in touch with family and community virtually, that on each other's shoulder we may lean
Health is of paramount importance,so keep up good hygiene 
Eat healthy, protein, fruits and green bean

There is yet hope, in every cloud there is a silver lining 
This time can be used for self development, from reading books and magazine 
To trying a new home-made cuisine 
Exercise, but pace yourself, don't cut it too thin

Don't give up, the crisis is not beyond redeem
Keep going, don't need to lose steam
It will eventually pass, though we cannot guarantee it will be sooner than Halloween 
But may the good practices help us find a sense of serene 
And outer strength others and inner strength from within
Holding on to hope that we can emerge from this crisis strong and fresh as evergreen 


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