Autism community TERMINOLOGIES - Use the right ones please

Indeed, there is a lot of deeper meanings in the terminologies. We should never dismiss it as just "mere terminology" or reduce it to "let's not get hung up on terminology".

Different terms can mean very different things, and that is partly attributable to the nature of the *mEnglish language.

Moreover, it has underlying mindsets/paradigms behind the terminology, which is further reinforced through the use of the terminology.

The shift from "person with autism" to "Autistic person" is a paradigm shift on a very deep and high level and in many ways.

I hope those whose lives have been touched by autism will be players of the bigger plan of breeding a culture of acceptance, appreciation and celebration of Autism and Neurodiversity.

For Autistics, and Caregivers, if you are on the journey towards understanding and discovering autism, may you continue on this journey. Don't give up even if it feels long. I personally took a couple of years... ever since I was diagnosed, I took 3 years to gradually become more and more open about my autism, and 6 - 7 years to begin learning to embrace it. I am still facing many challenges especially in workplace etiquette, social norms, and navigating a Neurotypical world.

May we continue to journey together as a community, for it is when we travel with like-minded people that we can travel far.


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